Work with us

Work with us

We are a company that is set up differently! With us, you will not find an environment where there is
a high turnover among personnel such as a typical call center, but people that has been with us from
the start. You need to have good personal qualities as well as professional qualifications to become
part of our team. We have created an environment where everyone demands that each one of us
contribute to the fellowship both creatively, socially and where we are heading as a company

Making mistakes is the best way to learn. That is why we motivate each other to be brave so that
each individual gets to use their best qualities. Together, we always tackle any issue with the
mindset: what is the best solution?

We encourage everyone to knock down the barriers and create opportunities for themselves and their role in the company. We know that people are motivated differently and have different goals both in and outside the workplace. As an employer, its our responsibility to adapt our work environment to this.

Our core values and focus when it comes to our work environment:

  • Motivation 96%
  • Happiness & well being 98%
  • Clear goals & expectactions 99%
  • Development & evolution 98%

We strongly believe that a healthy work-life balance not only makes us happier but also leads to better results. We offer temporary remote work and sabbatical opportunities. You can choose to work from your home or in our beautiful offices in the heart of Malaga.
We offer a permanent employment contract with a competitive base salary and bonuses. If you want to know more about our job oppurtunities and what we can offer, we are happy to talk to you.

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